Privacy Policy

Who we are

Hi! We're Flush With Mush, LLC. We own and operate This is the privacy policy for our website. We encourage you to read this whole page so you know what data about you is collected, what is done with that data, and how you can control and take action regarding your data.

What Personal Data We Collect and Why

When you interact with our website, we collect information your browser provides. The specific information collected includes

  • Your IP address
  • Where you came from (if you followed a link to our site from another web site)
  • Device and browser information
    • Including screen resolution, capabilities, and accessibility settings
We use Google Analytics and pass data on to them to analyze site performance. Your IP address and traffic source is strictly for analytical purposes and is not shared. Your screen resolution, capabilities, and accessibility settings are used for analytical purposes and to tailor our site's appearance and functionality to fit your needs. For example, if you have the "reduced motion" preference enabled on your device, we use that information to stop animations from displaying.

Data Anonymization

We don't use third-party cookies or submit to FLoC, so the data we collect can not be tied to you. Even though it can't be tied to you, it is still anonymized before being stored.

How We Protect Your Data

Only authorized agents of Flush With Mush have access to data from our site. Data is stored on a secure server which can not be access by anyone other than agents of our business.

Data Breaches

If we are effected by any data breach, we will post a notice on our site.

Third Party Cookies

We do not accept third party cookies.

How To Contact Us

Data is managed by our web developer, Nate Northway, who can be contacted by email at